Yegor Voronin (shvarz) wrote,
Yegor Voronin

Hyperion The Movie

Dan Simmons comments --

I hope I didn't say, two or three years ago, that there is a "Hyperion movie in the works." It's not in production or pre-production. As I've mentioned before (and I'm bound by contractual agreement not to give details, that prerogative is reserved for the studios), HYPERION, the other three books in that series, and the novella "Orphans of the Helix" were all PURCHASED in 2006 by one of the largest production companies in the world. Not optioned -- which is just putting a lien on material -- but purchased for full price.

However that company has not announced the purchase, much less the commencement of any serious work on the Hyperion movie except for an initial screenplay, not by me, which was rejected. (HYPERION was planned as a series of films.) I understand that there have been conversations with screenwriters for another screenplay attempt and that there is still a top male actor slotted for the project, but there's no script yet, much less a production schedule.

And, of course, it's quite possible that no film will ever be made from the books. (The best argument against that, however, is the significant amount the production company has already paid for the literary material and one early draft of a screenplay. Most studios usually don't totally abandon projects in which they've already sunk $2 million or more.)

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