February 5th, 2012


О смысле бытия

Продолжаю читать "The Science of Life" - очень впечатляет язык, которым написан этот, по сути дела, учебник по биологии. Все время хочется цитировать. Вот например:

"Man is an inhabitant of a thin rind on a negligible detached blob of matter belonging to one among millions of stars in one among millions of island-universes. And his insignificance in time is as overwhelming as his insignificance in space. ... Man is so far from being central or essential that the tale which the rest of the cosmos has to tell seems meaningless in the light of all his ideas and aspirations. If he is to find justification for these ideas and aspirations, he can no longer seek it in the outer universe, but must look within himself. Human dignity rests upon nothing but itself, and man's activities must have value in themselves and for their own sake if they are to have value at all. That is the outcome of modern astronomy's impact upon the complacency of ordinary thought."

Не буду и пытаться сделать адекватный перевод, но под катом подстрочник для нечитающих по-английски, просто чтобы было примерно понятно о чем идет речь.Collapse )